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Don't Just Dream, Do!

Are you an entrepreneur, a startup, blogger, musician, NGO, celebrity, e-commerce market, small or big company, etc… and want to innovate by being available on the web in a unique and personalized way? Do you have an amazing idea for a new business, a new website, an app (web or mobile) ? If you meet the following criteria, then we should talk about your project. Would you like to:

  • Bring your ideas to life?
  • Be more accessible?
  • Extend | Sell your products or services online?
  • Improve your online reputation?
  • Engage your customer | Increase your revenue?
  • Collaborate and work with passionate folk?
A Little About Us

Kwambi is a Cameroonian software and technology consulting company founded in 2015 to provide awesome people like you with professional and innovative web-based services, ranging from custom web designs to fully functional dynamic rich websites, also providing superior industry standard website Hosting & Cloud Services to make you stand out.

Providing the ability to integrate clear, functional, and creative interfaces with technical business solutions, Kwambi was launched to strategically help build your brand, improve your global web presence, and develop more meaningful relationships with your customers.

Our Services

We deliver top-notch services in:

Websites & Online Presence

You need a kick-a** website and captivating online profiles to catch customers attention. We’ll do it all for you.

Web Application Development

Have an amazing idea for a custom web application? We can help you bring it to life using the latest web technology standards.

Web Hosting & Cloud Services

We are experts in the cloud, we offer robust, secure and highly scale-able cloud services to suite what ever needs you may have.

Branding & Rebranding

We can help you custom create your brand. Or if your business already exists, we can assist with re-banding to revamp your image.

Marketing & Social Media

Get your business out there, with our help. We’ll build a top notch marketing and social media plan to help get you noticed.

Business Development

Part of running and efficient business and growing in your market sector is your business plan, and we have the blueprints.

You deserve the best online presence, don’t settle for anything less.

Why Choose Us?

More than 3 years of experience, highly motivated and results driven.

The Key To Success

We are your key to success. We’ve spent years studying the market and analyzing trends, all to help you in your endeavors.

Globally Optimized

Our services are on a global scale, to help you grow exponentially in local and foreign markets for maximum conversions.

Responsive Campaigns

We track and monitor statistics on an hourly basis. This means we can quickly analyze and adjust campaigns for optimizations.

The Best Results

Our company is the only in the industry that can boast a 100% satisfaction rating, and that’s because we always put you first.

A sampling of what We Can Do

Our company focuses on being small but powerful. Our projects pack more punch, passion and
design quality in each pixel than the other guys. Go ahead, see for yourself below.

Fun Facts
How We Work

We use different technologies to provide you with a product that fits in all media types –
PC, iPhone, iPad, Android.


We start our projects by understanding the scope and requirements. This is accomplished by working closely with you to make sure we are all on the same page. By this point we will all be the best of friends.


After blue-printing your application, we draw sketches of your site and do some graphics researches. This stage is the longest and most important, it is the result of an ongoing exchange with you to define the image of your application.


Its now time for programming, content integration and implementation of the various modules that make up your site and its interface. This is where your idea is transformed into its physical equivalent.

Hosting & Maintenance

After a series of compatibility tests, the site moves from a development to a production phase where it will be officially online! We will then carryout updates and maintenance to enhance security and maintain a healthy website.


Although it’s our mission to grow your business with the web. we understand that working with a web development company isn’t just about results, it’s about communication, and relationships.

The better we can manage that relationship – the happier you’ll be as a client, and the more we can work together to provide amazing results.

So rather than judge us by what we have to say about ourselves, read what our clients have to say. At some point they were in your shoes, but just like you they contacted us, we built a relationship together and entrusted us with their time, money, and information so we could achieve amazing results online.

Excellent Job. Needed a blog to share my passion with the rest of the world. Kwambi made my dreams come true with their Professional Service Package, from the creation of our website to hosting & boosting our Facebook page.

Sorrelle Kwambi Client

We needed a new look and a new website fast. The handled everything like pros. I was beyond impressed. Great job guys.

Oh my God. I am so impressed. I don't know what to do. You are a miracle worker. Thank you so much. Even the mobile version is just superb. I owe you one man.

Melissa Jane Social Ventures Web Design


Nteff Alain Client
A few of our Happy Customers

The best brands, from big to small trust us.

How can we help you?

Give us a bit of detail on your project and let us help! Don’t worry, we don’t bite 🙂

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